Professional Styling & Interior Design 

With years of experience within Fashion Styling, ranging from commercial photo shoots, editorials, styling artist and private people, all the way to fashion shows ,styling presentations and workshops, Scandinavian born Krista’s experience is wide and  varied, having clients from both Finland and UK.

Having also a degree in Interior Design (BA Hons) and several years of work experience as an interior designer has also given her tools to provide full interior design services.


Krista has a personal passion for vintage & retro styles but also has a keen eye on cutting edge and contemporary looks as well as classic styles, which will give her tools to style and design for people of all ages, backgrounds and personal tastes!


I also offer all my services within VINTAGE and RETRO styles !

If you are already a vintage lover but unsure how to put outfits together, love vintage but don’t know which styles or era would suit your personality and body type or just love the looks of vintage styles, but would prefer new ‘retro’ clothing instead?

Vintage for home? Let me show how to mix vintage with new items to give that eclectic fresh new look according to your personal home style.

(Please state VINTAGE/RETRO at the time of booking your appointment.)

Krista II

Krista Puranen Wilson (photo: Kassy Harris)