Personal shopping

Apply the principles of smart shopping to save time, money and energy!

By discovering those shops that best serve your personal style and budget whilst stepping out of your purchasing comfort zone, you will soon become adept at finding what you are looking for and make expensive shopping mistakes a thing of the past.

Always working within your budget, as an independent personal shopper, I can assure you that you will receive completely unbiased expert advise, with no obligation for you to buy anything.


Styling: Style by Krista

Photo: Marie Harkness/ Hidden Heights

What does Personal Shopping involve?

Armed with your purposeful shopping list, we will apply the principles of clever-dressing to quickly and easily unearth suitable items. Discover what really workds on you , as I encourage you to try on new and different items that if shopping alone you may well have left on the rail. Focus on pulling together a whole new look and complete outfits. Assess the merit of each possible item and ensure you buy those that you will get the most pleasure and wear out of.

Where does Personal Shopping take place?

Located in Newcastle Upon Tyne,  most of North East of England is covered with Personal Shopping sessions.Generally these sessions are held in Newcastle city centre, where there is the broadest selection of stores and biggest collections (including vintage shops)

Metrocentre at Gateshead is a popular destination too, offering a great selection of brands all under one roof.

We can  also shop locally in Jesmond and Tynemouth/Whitley Bay areas, which all have good selection of boutique type shops.

If however, you live further afield, I am happy to travel and hold a Personal Shopping session in your local shopping area.


ps. Personal shopping can also take place in London, Leeds or Edinburgh for specific needs.

(Request a quote for these locations)


£120 / 2 hours

£240 / 4 hours (Half Day including tea break)

£360 / 6 hours (Full Day including lunch break)

Extra hours: £60 each

What to choose:

2 hours- pick up a few clothing items or accessories.

Half Day- for complete outfit including accessories

Full Day – create a whole new look!


Why should I choose Style by Krista?

Always giving personal and professional service, I can truly empathize with how distressing an unsuccessful shopping trip can be and therefore will tailor this personal shopping session in a way that takes the anxiety and chore out of shopping for you, but most importantly ensures you are happy and assured about your purchases.

Personal shopping (Krista with a client at Rose & Alice vintage boutique, NCL)