Wardrobe Styling

 “I feel as if I have a wardrobe of clothes but nothing to wear”

 I think I have lost my way with clothes and don’t know what goes with what, what I need to buy and how I can look good at work and weekends”

 “Krista helped me to match my clothes and accessories, identify clothes for the charity shop and make a list of essentials I needed.  This was exactly what I wanted from the styling session!”

-Mrs S. Patterson, Whickham NCL-

'Wardrobe Mistress'-consultation JOURNAL 11.11.2008

‘Wardrobe Mistress’-home consultation done by Krista (JOURNAL newspaper 11.11.2008)

WARDROBE  STYLING home consultations

To get a streamlined wardrobe, filled only with items you lover to wear.  To help make decisions about clothes and putting together outfits easier; ultimately ensuring you always look your absolute best!


2 hours £120

4 hours £240  (Half day)

6 hours £360  (Full day)

(extra hours £40)

Time needed depends of the size of your wardrobe  & required help needed.

See guidelines here:

2 hours -great for sorting existing wardrobe items onto workable order and to see ‘what to keep’.

4 hours –  All above plus day and evening outfit examples put together of your existing clothing and accessories. These can be photographed for your reference.

6 hours –  All above plus recommendations of  ‘new essentials’ to complete your wardrobe, guidance for any alterations needed, garment maintenance, + personalized chart (sent to you after visit) including : your measurements, correct garment sizes, body type, do’s & don’ts when shopping, suitable styles & color recommendations.


 If you have not used personal styling services before, we advise to book a consultation for Wardrobe Styling first, this will give a good starting point to see what is needed to achieve best results!